TechnoGrazing provides the model for "Sustainable Intensification" Enabling businesses to graze efficiently, increasing productivity whilst enhancing the environment. 

Since it was developed in New Zealand over 35 years ago by Manawatu Farmer and Inventor Harry Wier (Kiwitech NZ) hundreds of clients have installed TechnoGrazing Systems and benefited from a sustain increase in production.  

Under a range of conditions it has been proven to deliver an excellent return on investment, increasing pasture production and utilisation whilst building soil organic matter.  


Kiwitech and TechnoGrazing


Precision Grazing has worked closely with Harry Weir and Kiwitech NZ to adapt the TechnoGrazing model to suit UK conditions.  We manage projects from feasibility and design to installation, training and management.  We work closely with our clients to ensure performance is optimised and performance targets are met. 

Is it for me?

  • Business Expansion: If you need to increase output but are limited by land area TechnoGrazing will help to maximise your potential production.  

  • Business Diversification: The proven production model could compliment an intensive finishing unit or become a new enterprise for an arable business.  

  • Calve & Heifer Rearing: The small mob size, typically 30-60 animals and stable social groups suits calve rearing, particularly dairy heifers.  


  • Systems perform best on easy to medium contour sites, with fertile, freer draining soil types.  New leys are not essential, depending on stock class, often permanent pasture will provide the best return on investment in the short term.  

  • Minimum area is normally 10ha per system with no maximum size.  Ideally the site will be rectangular in shape, this can be achieved by linking neighbouring fields together.   

  • Stocking rate depends on annual pasture production but normally averages 2400kg/LW/ha (8 x 300kg Yearlings/ha).

  • Access to a reliable, mains isolated water supply is essential.  

If this doesn't sound like your farm consider TechnoCell 


In a TechnoGrazing System normally no silage is made from the grazing platform, all grass grown is utilised by the animals.  The system forms part of a whole farm model balancing production with environment.

  • Best Ground = TechnoGrazing System for stock with the best growth potential or highest value (calves, yearlings, finishing cattle, dairy replacements).  

  • Average Ground = Paddock systems for mature animals or those with less potential (Suckler Cows, Breeding Ewes).  Silage made if required to manage surplus.  

  • Poor Ground = Differed grazing for dry stock, environmental and habitat areas to reduce water run-off.

  • Off Ground = Silage Platform, these are fields further from the yard so not as labour efficient to graze. 




Moving Cattle on the Techno System