Both Rotational and Mob Grazing offer significant benefits over Set-Stocking.


Table Comparing Annual Performance of Different Grazing Systems.


Rotational Graznig

A number of equal size paddocks are constructed within the existing farm.  Animals are typically moved every 2-5 days and surplus feed is managed by removing paddocks for silage.

Kiwitech Equipment allows animals, vehicles and people to move in any direction by crossing over the semi-permanent electric fences.  This eliminates the need for multiple gateways, a particular benefit for dairy herds, access can be made from track to paddock almost anywhere.


In addition to Dairy, Rotational Systems are used to increase production and improve the pasture quality on more marginal land which might be steep in places or when the required output does not justify a more intensive system.  

Majority of the fences are Semi-Permanent with some temporary fencing being used to extend the grazing season.  The system is suitable for all stock types accommodating mobs normally up to 120hd cattle or 400hd weaned lambs.


Mob Grazing

Based on the work of Alan Savory, the Holistic or Regenerative movement uses high stocking densities and frequent movements to return high amounts of plant material into the soil.  Excellent where building soil organic matter is of equal importance to production, the exact grazing model is determined by the client.   

They can prove challenging to layout, often requiring facility for +100 paddocks but can be made simple to manage with good infrastructure. Our mapping, and instillation service provides a very cost effective solution


Our Services

We work with you to understand your system, assess the land and produce an enterprise plan.  We then uses GPS to accurately map and design the paddock system, allowing for movements of people and animals.  This is made simple thanks to the unique Kiwitech Semi-permanent Fencing and Water Systems.  

Finally we install, test and commission, providing training in use of the equipment and assisting with the introduction of animals. Complete list of the services offered is below: 

Evaluation and Planning

  • Farm Visit and Land Survey.
  • System Design
  • Business Model  
  • Environmental Impact 
  • Bill of Materials


  • Marking Out.
  • Electric Fencing and Water System
  • Testing and Commissioning 


  • Introducing Livestock to the System
  • Day-to-Day Management