Farm Action Group

Making changes to a farming business can be challenging

without the encouragement of like-minded people.






By joining the group members will learn from both each other and industry experts, they will avoid repeating mistakes, fast tracking their personal and business success. 


 We will initially be forming 5 Regional Groups with the aim that most members should be within 2 hours drive of each other:

South West England, East and Midlands, North England, South Wales and North Wales. 


Group Benefits

  • INDEPENDENT - As the group is self-funded it has no bias towards a particular breed, feed or system as long as it is profitable and sustainable. 

  • MEMBER LED - The group members will identify common areas of interest and choose their priority areas for the year.  

  • EXPERIENCE - Members will have the advantage of learning from fellow, likeminded farmers, as well as accessing the technical knowledge of the Expert Speakers.  

  • BENCHMARKING - Directly comparing similar businesses will provide motivation and help members identify areas for improvement in their own businesses.  

  • LOCAL - Small group size, with consistent members means everyone will get an intimate knowledge of each other’s businesses, helping contribute to their development.  


Who are the Groups for?

The groups are for Sheep and Beef Farmers with breeding, rearing or finishing enterprises.  Applicants must meet the following criteria:    

  • Actively farming either full time or deriving minimum of 50% of income from the farm.

  • Have the authority to make and implement changes to the business.

  • Open minded to new ideas, listen to others.

  • Can contribute to discussion with their own experiences. 

  • Motivated, striving to develop their business and personal skills.

  • Have stock weighing facilities on farm and already record key production data.

  • Agree to share their production data and host a group visit (minimum once every 3 years).


Is it only about Grazing?

No! The focus is improving on business profitability in a sustainable way.  The benchmarking results will allow each group to decide on their primary areas of focus for each year; for instance direct marketing and lamb finishing.


How much will it cost?

The first meeting in November will be free to attend and will take place in each of the regions in November.  This will give the potential members chance to meet each other and learn more about the group. 

Those that choose to join will pay a £300 fee followed by 11 monthly payments of £49 (total £839+VAT/farm business/year)**.  For this they receive:  

  • 2 Places per Farm (required that one person always attends the meetings to ensure consistency).
  • 12 Months FARMAX Analysis Subscription (£115) & production of farm model based on 2018 year.
  • 4 Meetings/year, hosted by each of the the group members in turn.
  • Minimum 2 Expert Industry Speakers.

 How to Apply

Please fill in the registration form below 

You will be sent an application form to be completed by 15th October 2019  

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*Group members will agree to share and discuss their production data with Precision Grazing Ltd and the group members.  All information will be confidential within the group and all members will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.  It is hoped that in Year 2 group confidence will grow to include financial data so farms can be able to benchmark on a cost of production basis.  

**where the farm already has a FARMAX subscription and relevant farm model the annual cost will be £450.