Our Aim

“To work closely with our clients and develop innovative, sustainable, production systems that bring profound improvements to lifestyle and profitability”.

Our Business

We are experts in farm business consultancy, helping our clients to not only plan for change but to actually implement it in their business and maximise the utilisation of the land they farm.   Unique in the industry we provide the complete business solution from planing to design, installation to management, even investing in some of the systems we set up.

Our hands-on background allows us to deliver practical advice and design grazing enterprises, supported by infrastructure which achieve their target production.  We believe in utilising regenerative and sustainable methods of production to help the industry deliver on its target of increased production with environmental enhancement!   

We are privileged to work with some brilliant farmers and take personal pride in helping their business develop to achieve increased profitability and a better work-life balance.   

The Team


Sandy Campbell and James Daniel

James Daniel - Director

James is the founder of Precision Grazing Ltd.  Growing up on a family farm in Cornwall he was quick to recognise the value of well managed grazing and its potential in the UK. After studying Engineering at Harper Adams University his eagerness to develop his knowledge led him to New Zealand where he managed a TechnoGrazing beef Station.  The knowledge developed there allowed him to start working with local farmers when he returned home as a grazing consultant, growing the business before forming Precision Grazing in 2016.  Since then the client base has grown to cover the UK working with Levy bodies to share knowledge as well as still getting its hands dirty installing electric fencing and water systems!       


Alexander Campbell - Grazing System Consultant 

Based in Hampshire but with Scottish roots Alexander (Sandy) studied Agriculture at Harper Adams University.  He working on a variety of farms in the UK, USA and NZ before joining Mole Valley's forage team gaining his BACIS qualification and working with farmers to encourage the use of grazing.  Recognising his passion for the subject he spent 12 months in NZ managing a TechnoGrazing beef station and helping with grazing system design and installations.  He joined Precision Grazing in January 2018 covering the East with a special interest in Deer systems, he recently achieved his FARMAX Silver Accreditation with world record 94.5%!   




Grazing System Consultant - Regional (Wales, Midlands, North)

Does the sight and sound of cattle moving into a new allocation excite you?!  Are you practical, positive and personable?  Do you have experience of UK livestock systems, soil health, rotational grazing and this countries wonderful weather?  Would you like to be responsible for ensuring that farm businesses successfully adopt new ideas and achieve their production and lifestyle targets? 

As a business we achieve our best results when we work closely with a client to support them with a change of system.  Therefore we are looking to recruit a Grazing Systems Consultant based in one of the regions above.   This role might be part time and would fit around another job with a minimum commitment of 2 days a week. 

Central to the role would be assessing the current performance of the businesses, identifying the opportunities then working with the Precision Grazing team to prepare and implement a plan to improve profitability.  You will need a good level of IT ability, Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint and also have a keen eye for detail and numbers.  We also use a feed budgeting program FARMAX and would support you to achieve your Elite Accreditation Certificate. 

With the uncertainty of Brexit, weather events and prices the need for independent advice on farm has never been greater, this is an opportunity to help us make a fundamental difference to our clients businesses and prepare them for the challenges ahead.  

If you would like to discuss the role in confidence please contact me - 07534 930484, james@precisiongrazing.com